VIEVU T&E Program

The VIEVU T&E program provides qualified agencies with equipment, software, and training at no cost, in order for them to validate and confirm that VIEVU products and the VIEVU team are an ideal fit for their needs and technology strategy. Qualified agencies are eligible to test body-worn cameras and holsters including the VIEVU LE5, LE5 LITE and LE4, 7TS holsters with camera auto-activation technology, VIEVU Solution hosted digital evidence management solution, and the VERIPATROL on-site video management tool.

Upon receipt of your Test and Evaluation application, a regional product expert will contact you to determine your needs, the suitability of your agency, and to discuss program details.

  • Qualified agencies are outfitted with the required equipment - at no cost.
  • Product experts will instruct users on product operation, and provide support throughout the T&E timeline.
  • Tested products will be available for purchase at the conclusion of the T&E period.

Qualified agencies are required to:

  • Complete a signed T&E agreement.
  • Provide online feedback upon completion of the T&E period.
  • Return all testing products in good working condition per the T&E agreement.

Participating agencies may opt-in to provide testimonials and to be referenced in Safariland VIEVU marketing campaigns.